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Trane Heat Pump Repair

Extend Service Life with Professional Trane Heat Pump Repair

Save hundreds of dollars in replacement expenses with expert Trane heat pump repair by Feltons’ Heating and Cooling Inc. Heat pumps are ideal for the Washington-Oregon climate and save you the cost of installing and maintaining two separate systems. However, even high quality solutions like Trane can malfunction because of installation issues or lack of maintenance. Our trained technicians have extensive experience working with Trane systems. You can rely on their expertise to restore smooth functioning of your Trane heat pumps in the shortest time. Hundreds of home and business owners count on us to repair and maintain their HVAC systems.

Correct Diagnosis of Heat Pump Issues

Is the heat pump not turning on?  Are you hearing a humming noise when the system starts up? Is only the indoor or outdoor fan working? We can help! Having successfully performed hundreds of Trane heat pump repair jobs, our technicians have the skill and experience to correctly identify and fix the main cause of the malfunction.

One call to Feltons’ Heating is all it takes for a heat pump repair expert to come to your home or office and get your system up and running again. Customers rely on our professional repairs to optimize system lifespan. Vans well-stocked with parts and repair tools enable us to provide quick turnaround and hassle-free service.

Waiting or ignoring the problem will damage your expensive Trane heat pump. Get in touch with us at the first sign of trouble!

Call 360-577-5871 for professional Trane heat pump repair in Washington and Oregon.

Call Feltons’ Heating and Cooling for Cost-Efficient Trane Heat Pump Repair

At Feltons’ Heating and Cooling Inc., we look out for our customers. Our cost-efficient, long term repair solutions help customers avoid the inconvenience and expense of frequent breakdowns.

You can also count on us to provide you with honest advice, including letting you know when replacement is more cost-effective than repair. We have a full range of high-performance heat pump brands including Trane, and can help you select the most appropriate system for your home or business premises.

Meeting your heating and cooling needs in an economical manner is our top priority. Take advantage of our annual heat pump maintenance contracts to reduce your repair expenses.

For over 30 years, Feltons’ Heating and Cooling Inc. has provided top quality installation, repair and maintenance services for home and business owners from Longview, Washington to Scappoose, Oregon. Consistently high customer satisfaction rates assure you of exceptional service. Trust your Trane heat pump repair to our experts.

Call 360-577-5871 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for expert Trane heat pump repair in the Washington and Oregon area.