Heat Pump Maintenance

Annual Heat Pump Maintenance by the Team at Feltons’ Heating and Cooling

Today, more homeowners are opting for heat pumps over traditional HVAC systems, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. A heat pump is the best of both worlds – heating in the winter and cooling you down in the summer.

With a single unit shouldering the weight of your home’s temperatures year-round, you should reward it with annual maintenance. Heat pump maintenance is crucial for not only preventing breakdowns but avoiding a premature replacement of units that should last a minimum of 15 years.

Everything You Want to Know about Heat Pump Maintenance

Most homeowners skip over annual maintenance, but before you ignore this to-do, take a look at your energy bills. If it has been a few years since your last appointment, how much have heating and cooling costs risen each year? Most likely, there was an increase, and that increase could be resolved just by having your system tuned up.

Here is why every homeowner needs annual heat pump maintenance:

  • Maximize Efficiency in a Single Appointment: All it takes is an hour or two out of your day once or twice a year to increase performance, reduce energy costs, and maximize the energy efficiency of your unit. The savings per year alone can help pay for the cost of your maintenance appointment.
  • Preventing Damage to Critical Components: Your compressor and other costly components need routine maintenance. If you ignore this step, these systems could prematurely breakdown and require a full replacement – a costly, and highly preventable expense.
  • You Want to be able to Use Your Manufacturer Warranty One Day: Because a heat pump lasts up to 15 years, manufacturers are kind enough to include warranty protections. That means if your heat pump has a malfunctioning core component, they front the cost. There is a catch: you must maintain your unit. Not maintaining your heat pump means the manufacturer’s warranty is void and you now pay out of pocket.
  • Protecting Your Investment: Heat pumps are a hefty upfront investment, but they pay you back with year-round comfort, energy savings, and convenience. To an expected life of 15 years, you need to maintain your unit. Would you go 15 years without an annual physical and expect to be in perfect health? What about 15 years without seeing a dentist and expect zero cavities? Maintenance is just as crucial for your heat pump if you want it to last those 15 years.

Call Your Local Pros at Feltons’ Heating and Cooling for Your Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment

Ideally, you want to schedule one heat pump maintenance appointment per year. The technicians at Feltons’ Heating and Cooling come out to your home to inspect all ductwork, filters, blowers, your indoor coil units, and look for any obstructions or problems. We also clean the unit to improve efficiency and air quality. While we are there, we can talk about any efficiency concerns and diagnose any issues that might be causing an increase in your energy bills.

Our maintenance appointments do not require any long-term contracts. Instead, we want you to come back to Feltons’ Heating and Cooling each year because you love our service and enjoy having NATE-certified technicians keep your home comfortable year-round.

We serve residents of Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock to Scappoose, St. Helens, Columbia City. Call Feltons’ Heating and Cooling today at 360-577-5871 or fill out our online form to learn more about our heat pump maintenance services.