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Feltons’ Heating & Cooling – Best-in-Class Air Conditioners

Feltons’ Heating & Cooling – Your Specialist for High Efficiency Cooling Solutions
Choosing the ideal air conditioner for a home or office environment can be a complex task. It’s an important investment that will be utilized for the long-term and therefore play a long-term role in the home or business’s energy expenses. Therefore it’s important to choose a product that is offered by manufacturers that specialize in efficiency and installed by teams that truly offer seamless integration and maintenance at exceptionally low prices.

It’s for this reason that many residential and commercial clients in the local area are now turning to Feltons’ Heating & Cooling for access to the best quality air conditioning units available on the marketplace today.

As a RUUD-authorized dealer, the company carries many of RUUD’s current leading product line and will ensure that each of their clients finds a solution for streamlined installation within their property on short notice.

  • The 16AJL Series Air Conditioners from RUUD

This is a product from RUUD’s value series and offers a two-stage air conditioner that is designed to assure lasting comfort for any style of home or business environment. It ensures energy savings for the consumer by operating at a low setting for a large majority of the time and only operating at a higher capacity during peak warm weather conditions.

Another of the key benefits of this leading-class solution is that it’s been designed for long-term use and features a full metal cabinet that protects the coil from hail, lawn debris while also protecting children and young animals that may get close to the system.

  • Commercial Series™ 3-Phase 15 – 20 Ton Super High Efficiency Air Conditioners

For commercial environments, RUUD’s 3-Phase 15 – 20 Ton Super High Efficiency Air Conditioners offer the requisite solution to all in-house cooling requirements. They’re built to the leading environmental standards for enterprises in North America and they are tested to be one of the most reliable models of commercial air conditioner available anywhere on the market today.

Users will find that the 3-Phase 15 – 20 Ton Super High Efficiency Air Conditioner is exceptionally easy to control as it features innovative electromechanical controls designed for seamless intuitive use within the modern office environment.

Felton’s Heating & Cooling are your experts for high efficiency air conditioning units that can be depended upon year-on-year.

To find an Air Conditioner for your precise home or business needs, contact the team at Feltons’ Heating & Cooling today at 360-577-5871.